Novo everActive Ni-MH 6F22 9V 320 mAh Professional Line

everActive Ni-MH 6F22 9V 320 mAh Professional Line

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  • 320 mAh – one of the most capacious on the market;
  • Minimal capacity of 280 mAh – in compliance with the international standard IEC 61951-2;
  • Guaranteed high quality;
  • Ready to use, LSD (low self-discharge) technology;
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: -20°C- 50°C;
  • Very durable – up to 1200 charging cycles.
EAN: 5902020523741
Item number: EVHRL22-320

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Battery R-9V everActive 6F22 / 9V Ni-MH 320 mAh

The batteries reach the limit of 320 mAh of capacity, which is an unprecedented result of Ni-MH batteries in this size - they exceed the best, branded ones, which offer significantly lower (up to 50%) capacity.
Everactive series 320 mAh is a new quality among 9V batteries.
They are suitable for professional applications, they can be used, among others: microphones, studio equipment, shortwaves, torches, toys, measuring devices, etc., and due to the use of "ready to use" technology can be a direct replacement for alkaline batteries, etc.

type: 6F22 9V, Ni-MH,
- dimensions: 26.4 x 48.5mm,
- weight of the rechargeable battery: 55g,
- voltage: 8.4V,
- capacity - max 320mAh,

EverActive brand batteries are of the highest quality while maintaining a good price - we recommend it!
Perfect for demanding toys, portable multimedia devices, microphones, electric guitars. The capacity of everActive batteries is similar to that of alkaline batteries, but can be recharged many times (up to 1200x). In addition, the batteries are much better at discharging with high currents.
Also great for less common applications - paintball grips, ASG grips where alkaline batteries are not very efficient.