Netrack tester mrežnih kablova RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 BNC/UTP/FTP/STP

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25,00 KM

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Više informacija

Tool type
  • tester
  • Measuring instrument
Additional information
  • for verifying communication cable
  • end of RJ45 UTP cable
  • end of RJ45 FTP cable
  • end of BNC coax cable
  • equipped with 6p6c, 8p8c, BNC socket
  • for testing AT&T 258A, EIA/TIA568, Token Ring, 10/100baseT
  • on the test procedure all the connections are checked
  • test result are presented by the appropriate LED flashing
  • test are continuously - loop
  • device requires a 1 pcs battery 9V R22/6R22/F22/6F22
  • Batteries not included
  • low battery message
Width 95 mm
Height 105 mm
Depth 26 mm
Net weight 0,17 kg
  • Grey
  • Black